I am an architect and a self-taught artist living in-between concrete skeleton constructions and organic brush strokes.

For the past few years I have moved to many different cities with high expectations, an ignored fear of the unknown and my two bags. Not everything fit in those bags, but they were home to me. Things I thought I needed were not useful and things I missed didn't fit. My frequent travelers were a palette knife, paint tubes and my sketchbooks.

Now that I have retired my bags (at least for now) the sketchbooks have transformed into large canvases, new colors are emerging and I've lost track of how many palette knives I have/need. Finally, here's a piece of my in-between, art-e-texture.


The Arts Project Gallery, London – Canada

Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery, Toronto - Canada

Dedalo Arte y Artesania, Lima – Peru

Indigo Gallery, Lima – Peru